The Gibson Smokestack is a towering structure in the Northside neighborhood and is as a symbol of Kalamazoo’s musical and industrial history. The call to “Save the Stack” is now part of a greater picture that includes a rebirth of the guitar factory located at 225 Parsons Street on Kalamazoo’s north side.  the Heritage Guitar Company, who has handcrafted guitars at this facility since 1985, has recently partnered with outside investors in their business and will provide the resources to redevelop and rebuild the building at 225 Parsons Street. The iconic Gibson smokestack is not required for today’s heating systems.  Therefore, preservation of the stack has been transformed into a community effort. A “Save the Stack” Committee has been formed and has partnered with Downtown Tomorrow, Inc., a local nonprofit organization, and is spearheading a fundraising effort from the local and international music community to Save the Stack before it is demolished.